Brutos Application Framework

Java MVC Controller


  • bugfix - fix some bugs.
  • discontinued the annotation @Identify. Now must be used @Basic.
  • added support for polymorphic mapping.
  • Bean Validation is the default validator provider.
  • CDI is the default object provider.
  • added support for configuration of scanner with annotation.
  • added support for programmatic configuration.
  • added support for integration of new scopes.
  • added support for Bean Validation.
  • added support for proxy generation.
  • added support for Javassist.
  • changed the name of the class IocProvider to ObjectFactory.
  • added support for assembling the result of action.
  • refactored the integration with Spring IoC.
  • changed the name of the class BrutosFile to UploadedFile.
  • added support for view resolution.
  • bugfix - fix some bugs.
  • added support for custom Invoker.
  • added option to renderize or not the result action.
  • changed the attribute name factory to type-def in tags <bean/>, <property/>, <constructor-arg/> <key/>, <element/> and <parameter/>.
  • changed the definition of new types. Removed the attribute class-type on tag <type/> and the class informed in factory must inplements Typefactory interface.
  • the class org.brandao.brutos.web.http.BrutosFile was converted to interface.
  • the class org.brandao.brutos.ControllerManager was converted to interface.
  • changed the way a type is identified.
  • discontinued the annotation @AbstractAction. Now must be used @Action.
  • added support for automatic mapping of Enum.